Monday, 23 February 2009

Choosing nestability dies

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Which shape & size nesties should I buy?" Personally I'd just say buy the lot, they're addictive and you'll end up wanting more.

Shapewise I think the circles & the ovals are the hardest to cut by hand so chose 1 of the scalloped versions first if you are just getting one set. My own preference is circles as I just find they work better with Tildas.

Sizewise there's little to chose between them, it's not really large and small rather larger and inbetweens. The largest of a small set is the inbetween size of the 2 largest in the large then they step between each other. Sometimes it's easier to see what someone means than just words so I've cut the 2 sets of scalloped circles and stacked them together. I've overlaid a 1cm grid so you can see the size but it's not to the nth degree accurate.

Once you have your scalloped set you might want to add a plain set. I've shown the large scalloped with the large plain.

If you have small scallops and large plain you wont get much of the scallop showing unless you use a size down.
Be warned about mixing the petite ovals with the original ovals, they're a totally different oval and DONT nest together.

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Caroljenks said...

Thanks for the fab info :) I knew how they worked but soooo much better to see it in pictures. I know what I need now to go with my lage scallop circles and ovals :) Carol x