Friday, 28 March 2008

ATC books.

Made from a sheet of A4 card or firm paper.
Each holds 4 ATCs and by glueing several together before adding a pretty cover can hold as many as you want.

Score along the 4 lines shown

Bring the bottom half up.

Fold as shown so that the middle fold is towards you.

Unfold and using the fold lines as start & stop points cut as shown.

Fold up again.

Turn over and squiggle some glue over one of the inside pages. Bring together and hold tight until the glue has set properly.

Use some double sided sticky tape along the middle to stick down a piece of ribbon. Make sure you leave enough loose either side to tie into a bow.

Use the book as a guide to make a paper cover. It doesnt have to cover totally. Glue to the front and back along the edges but not over the spine.

Now it's ready to decorate.

Sequins & Bead cards.

This is another of my old tutorials, they arent quick to make but are great for sat watching the tv on an evening.

The pattern is designed to fit on to a 12cm * 16cm piece of card and mounted on to a slightly larger base card. Save and print the pattern, resizing if required. Attach to a piece of card using masking tape and prick all the holes. Thread a beading needle with a long piece of single ply cotton and sew between the holes using the pattern of your choice. Once the sewing is completed you'll need to decide where you want the embellishment. The holes that are underneath or partially underneath the embellishment must not have sequins or beads sewn on or you may have problems attaching the embellishment. Thread the needle with either the same thread or one which matches the beads.

Sew the beads and sequin on to the pattern by bringing the needle up through the card, sequin & bead then sewing back through the sequin then card as per diagram. Stick and trim all loose ends of thread to the back of your work. Stick the work to your base card with either double sided sticky tape or 3d foam pads. Finally stick the embellishment in to place

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Trapeze Cards

For those who don't know Trapeze Cards are works of art suspended in mid air by threads sewn between an outer border and an inner shape. You'll need a template & pattern made by Marianne Design.

There are 2 ways of making the cards, 1, where the trapeze is mounted onto the base card (cards above) the other is cut directly into the base card. The first doesn't quite show the true cleverness and beauty of Trapeze but it does mean an insert and writing in the card don't show through. This one is mounted but the principles are the same. I'm using the stitching pattern on the pink & mauve card above. Because of copyright if you want to replicate it you will need to buy the pattern book.

Equipment. You will need a template and pattern. A 13cm square base card, 1 piece of thick card 12cms square, colour isnt too important if you will be covering the central area.12cm square piece of card to make a frame.A cutting mat, very sharp knife, scissors, pencil, low tack tape, threads, beading needle & seed beads.

1: To make the trapeze attach template to card with low tack tape and cut along the inner lines with a knife. Some people trace the area and cut freehand with a knife and ruler. I prefer not to do this as the metal template will stop accidental over runs.

2: All 4 sections are cut away.

3: Using a fine pricking tool hold the needle at right angles to the template and pierce the required holes. Cut around the outer layer.

4: To make the frame draw around the outside & inner part of the template on the reverse of the card. Using a ruler mark a 2mm border to enlarge the frame by 4mm in total. Click the pic if I'm not making sense.
5: Cut the frame out.

6: Check you have made the right size frame by placing the trapeze over the top. There should be a 2mm border on the outside as well as the inside.

7: Thread the needle with a long piece of cotton/lurex/metallic thread and stick one end to the reverse of the trapeze using sticky tape. Sew as per pattern.

8: To attach the beads thread through one end, pull through until the bead is near the card and thread the needle through in the same direction as before. You're creating a loop around the bead as per picture.

9: Continue stitching but remember that you may have to break and reattach the thread several times to get to the next hole without the thread snaking over cut away areas.

10: When finished sewing remember to attach the end to the back with sticky tape and trim away any excess.

11: Very carefully snip away the supporting struts using scissors. If you do accidentally snip a thread just unpick at either end and reattach a new thread and sew between the 2 affected holes.

12. Add double sided sticky tape around the outer edge and stick to the frame made earlier.

13: The trapeze part is now finished.

14: Attach foam tabs to the reverse of the outer trapeze. If you are using a heavy embellishment it's worth adding tabs to the central area as well
15: Mount the framed trapeze to your base card and decorate as required. Gently nudge beads along the threads into place if needed. All finished, although I've not shown it decorated and will leave to everyone to guess what I did :o