Sunday, 31 August 2014

experimenting with brushos

Warning, wordy & photo intensive post coming up, going to be written over a week or so so please forgive any jumping about and big spaces where the photos haven't stayed in alignment with text.

Back on our "girls wot behaves disgracefully in craft shops tour of Kent & Sussex 2014"  I treated myself Ade to a full set of Brusho paints at Oysterstamps.  For those that have never heard of them they're tiny little pots of crystalised paint pigment, each crystal is smaller than a grain of salt and often looks more like a speck of dust than a crystal.  The pots are extremely well priced (about £1.40 each) and the crystals are absolutely colour intensive, a teeny tiny amount goes a huge long way.  I cut tiny circles of card (so I could see the colours) and stuck them on the lids before piercing a hole to sprinkle them from.  Even with a tiny hole I can still be a bit heavy handed so am seriously glad Tracey told me to do this instead of opening the lid.

The crystals can be mixed with water in a dish to create a normal water colour paint (boring I hear everyone say) or they can be used dry..  when sprinkled on wet card the crystals suddenly release their colour which spreads out leaving minature blooms. Or you can sprinkle on wet or dry card and mist with water, not only will the colour release but this way you'll get a tiny tail appear from the crystal and depending on how much moisture you've sprayed you can play around with drips and run lines.  Still sounding a bit boring?  Well here's the weird thing.. when mixed with  water they're exactly the colour it says on the tub but when used as a crystal the secondary colours (purples, oranges, greens) split into the different component colours.  There's no way of knowing or even replicating how the crystals fall on to the card so the result will always be a surprise, even if you have got a good idea how it's going to come out.  Must add in, there is a thickening gel that you can use with the paints but I didn't bother getting any and haven't a clue what or why it's used.  I'll ask Martine & Tracey when I see them at the Sincerely Yours show at Taunton in 2 weeks lol.  Just like any other watercolour paints the effects and results will vary depending on the surface you are adding them to, watercolour paper will give a softer fuller blend than a highly pressed smooth cardstock.  For my experiments I've gone with a smooth highly pressed (and relatively cheap) white stamping card from Annamarie.  This isn't a great card for using with cricuts and trimmers because it blunts the blades very quickly and it's too thin for boxes but I thought I'd picked up of their old thick 300gsm white card and I have some (3 full reams, sob) that I wont really use for much other than inking on.

Very quick swatch to show what I mean with 3 secondary colours, purple which is made with red & blue, green which is made with yellow and blue, and orange which is made with yellow and red.  You might want to click to enlarge the pic as it shows better detail.

First column is the pure colour made by sprinkling on to dry card and using a damp brush to activate the crystals.  Mixed fully the crystals become one colour, mixed loosely you'll get striations of the component colours.

Column 2 was made by running a damp or wet brush over the card before sprinkling over the crystals.  The wetter the card the more the colour will spread, mix and run.

Column 3 was made by sprinkling the crystals on to dry card and misting with a water spray.  Again the more you spray the more the colour will spread.  You can get slightly different effects by using sprays further or closer to the card as well as varying which spray bottles you use, a mister with a more powerful force will push the colour tails further whereas a soft mist will give a gentle colour bloom.

One of the first successful experiments I did (totally by accident and btw don't bother experimenting with glycerine or flow improver with brushos) was mixing a couple of grains of turquoise with cheap white acrylic paint because I wanted a very pale blue paint to go over a copper/orange base I was intending to crackle and couldn't be arsed to hunt amongst all my paints for the colour I wanted.  When I say these paints are strong in pigment, just a couple of grains tinted over half a bottle of docrafts white acrylic!

Base of a malma mirror was painted with metallic copper & matt orange acrylic, covered with watered down pva glue and when I couldn't wait any longer for the pva to dry it was coated in a thick coat of the turquoise tinted white acrylic. (Brush strokes of glue & top coat must go in the same direction, which will determine the direction of the crackle, and the wetter the glue when you topcoat the larger the crackles.)

One of the first things I noticed as the top coat was drying and the crackles started to appear was that the brusho & acrylic seemed to "split" but not split in a curdled yucky way but the brusho seemed to sink slightly from the surface as if attracted by the pva and appears as shadows around the paler topcoat as well as created their own mini crackles.  I've put a close up pic here but it doesnt show how cool an effect it is in real life.  Must admit the effect was so unexpected I rang Tracey to let her know and to pass the deets on to her DT.  I did also say this wasn't a Martine type project because Martine doesn't like getting mucky hands, she'll seriously cry at the thought of the next 2 experiments ;o)

NB, to check that the splitting wasn't a one off random effect or that the pigment wasn't just unsuitable to be used as a tinting medium I used some of the left over paint on a small tag of card (I often make these anyway to create swatches), I painted half directly to the card and half over damp pva and the colour only split again over the pva.  It didn't have quite as vibrant a shadow effect as it did on the mirror but I am wondering if it's because I'd use splodges of metallic paint as a base coat on the mirror but a standard matt acrylic on the tag.  If I get time I'll add in another experiment with it but don't be surprised if I don't get round to it on this post as there's a lot I want to cover.   

Old brass stencil enlarged 4 times, and cut from card to make the lighthouse using distress inks.  Chocolate Baroque stamps (from 2 mermaid sets). Either stamped with blue archival ink direct to card or distress inks & cut from card.  Small glass vial that's waiting to be half filled with sand, a few pearls, some hessian and gold card.  I photoed this quite late in the afternoon out in the garden, the sun was quite low and has left a whooping shadow of the small glass vial.

My next experiment was to see if you could use brushos as a marbling medium on top of shaving foam.  Lots of youtube vids about the shaving foam technique using all sorts of inks & paints if you want to go have a watch.  In essence though you cover a plate/dish/tray with el cheapo shaving foam, roughly smooth the surface, add a few drops of paint/ink over the top, swirl the colour around using a kebab stick/toothpick, lay the card over the top, press down lightly then lift up and using a flat edge (old credit card/edge of ruler/pastry scraper etc) you drag off the foam to reveal a marbled pattern.  Although shaving foam is a relatively new invention marbling inks is a very, very old technique.

For my experiment I added about an inch of foam to the inside of an a5 plastic container, leveled the surface slightly, and sprinkled 3 colours of brusho.  I wasnt sure what to expect but the grains bloomed so slightly there was next to nothing to see in the way of colour so I gave the surface a good misting of water before swirling the colours around with the end of a crochet hook (I'd used all the kebab sticks at the last bbq) before laying the card on top.  When I pulled the card off rather than just scraping the foam off I sandwiched another piece of card on top the foam and lightly squidged the 2 pieces together until the foam was oozing out the sides, before splitting then scraping the excess off of both.  I did this same card in, squidge with another about 6 or 7 times until there was next to no colour left and I had next to no room to leave any more pieces of card drying.

A few things I found:

Don't go shaking the brushos as though it's a Friday night at the local chippie and the salt cellar is damp.  Little goes an awful long way with these paints.

Each impression gets paler and paler and the coverage less.

Unlike using liquid inks the foam doesn't  get too saturated with colour so the result is never muddy, even if you've been too lazy to change the old foam out when you want to use new colours.

Here are a few scans of one of the first, 3rd and 5th dip in the mix.  Turquoise, gamboge & one of the reds.

Just a couple of cards made using the marbled pieces when dry.  They're not the most imaginitive cards I've ever made.  Technically I might be ok playing with ink but creatively I can't just start with a patterned piece of paper and work from their.  Normally I start with the stamp, then dies & layout before I chose/make my paper to fit the theme.

This one uses woodware teasel stamps, docrafts sentiment stamp, seambinding ribbon and a kaisercraft sparkler. Just like the next card facebook & blogger want to keep turning it on it's side.  Not sure why as both were photoed the right way up and no amount of messing with rotation in psp or copying and pasting to a new image is working.

This one had the foam (a bit that had been more or less unused because it was close to the edge of the dish) dragged across from one edge using a ruler rather than being submerged. Because some of the crystals hadn't been swirled in it left quite pleasing intense effects irl.  Stamp is a heartfelt creations one, stamped onto the marbled card with black archival as well as paper pieced on red stardream using versamark & judikins black embossing powder.  Spellbinders corner and hey ho one finished card even if blogger keeps  rotatating it.

Tims runny distress paint drag technique.

Knowing the brushos worked quite nicely with acrylic paints and they'd marbled well I thought I wonder what they'd do if they were sprinkled over distress paints, misted and the card dragged through.  Some people might be wondering why I bothered when I could just marble but water colour paints are always transparent and when used on coloured card they either distort the colour or lose it all together if the card is dark enough.  A marbley/swirled/messed about effect can be quite effective used on dark card and using a light acrylic paint will allow the brusho colours to appear.

Couple of things to note, 

1, once they've been dragged through a time or 2 the distress paints become muddy so don't go putting loads of paint on the mat thinking you'll be able to get dozens of pieces from it.  Little is best.

2, the pigment in brushos is so intense they will totally overpower and dominate the distress paints if you arent careful.  Treat the brushos as the most fiery chilli powder imaginable and only sprinkle the teeniest amount you can.  Literally a couple of grains of each colour will go a long way.

3, if you think marbling is an unknown effect, this is impossible to even guess at the result you'll get.

4, don't ever throw out the muddy or not so good results, they might not work as a backing design but they're great to stamp flowers/raindrops on and they're fab for when you're diecutting and a flat single colour wont work.

5, I never did get on well with the technique even just using 2 distress paints so don't judge the results by Tims standard.  If you like using this technique try the brushos with it and you'll probably get a far better result than I did.

Here are a few of the pieces I made using the technique, most were too muddy or vibrant to bother showing, that was before I realised they muddied or that I needed a lighter touch.  I used tumbled  glass & spun sugar distress paint as the base.

By the time I got to this and the next one (which was actually made before this one) I'd worked out less is best with brushos on this technique lol  The crafters workshop stencil, peacock feathers distress ink.  Dyan Reavely sentiment, DesignsbyRyn raindrops.  The sentiment and raindrops were stamped on to another pale dragged through piece of card before being cut out.  I could have sworn I had a smallish snowdrop stamp which I'd intended using in the bottom right corner but turns out it's bluebells and wont work with the words.  Once I get hold of one I'll finish the tag and mount it properly on some dark card.

This is the first tag I went to make with previous tags design in mind.  It's a total car crash of a dogs dinner and a good lesson in how to much up a good bit of background then compound things by making it worse and worse.

Originally I'd used grunge paste through the stencil and decided it looked wrong and needed colour.  So I started to add cosmic shimmer gilding wax.. big mistake, it's not the best quality of wax and doesn't soften and spread very well even though I have quite hot hands.  Next up I went over with peacock feathers DI and just couldn't get the ink to cover all of the paste.  So I went from bad, to worse to omg what a bloody mess by trying to cover the mistakes with sparkle medium through the stencil.  With the benefit of hindsight I'd have either done the texture paste before dragging the tag through paint, or, would have tinted the medium/used coloured medium.  Seriously gutted because this was my favourite of the dragged pieces and I haven't been able to recreate it.  Ordinarily I wouldn't dream of posting huge booboos like this but oddly just yesterday a friend applied texture paste to a canvas before deciding it needed colouring... if I'd have posted the booboo before she might not have ended up with a similar quandry.. to colour and risk ruin or leave well alone.

That's it for this post, there will be another one but not sure yet what experiments I'm going to do yet, or what time I'll have over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Another mirror

 We're doing altered mirrors at the next playday so I need to make plenty of different technique samples (that's my excuse lol)

This one was painted with copper and orange acrylic paint before being coated with pva glue and while still wet a coat of white acrylic tinted with turquoise brusho paint.  (If you zoom in at the crackle you can see where the brusho has reacted slightly differently than the white paint and it gives a bright shadow around the crackle and where over metallic paint it's got a high sheen).

Stamped images courtesy of Chocolate Baroque stamped with archival inks and coloured with distress ink.
 The lighthouse was made using an old american traditional stencil that I enlarged by about 4, then hand cut and coloured with more distress inks.  There's burlap and gold cord twisted behind the lighthouse, I think I could do to tuck a bit more in though as when I added the lighthouse it nearly got lost.  Shells cut by hand (from same Chocolate Baroque set), a few pearls & a glass vial (which is casting a large shadow)

And here's the finished piece.  I did have an omg I've totally ruined it moment when the mirror was just stamped on and I added the lighthouse but the shells seem to have pulled it all together.  Dead chuffed with this one although if I were making another I'd have just stamped images direct to the mirror as the brusho & acrylic mix took the ink far better than I thought it would.

Friday, 8 August 2014

simple sad card and a when you should have said stop

 My uncle Derek passed away earlier this week so I made this card for Aunty Dil. 

Nothing ornate, fancy or fussy, just a memory box die coloured with copics.  SU sentiment embossed with silver ep. White & lilac stardream card & a crafts too embossing folder.
This is one where I should have said stop when I'd finished the bottom right corner and left the top left bare.  Thought flourishes shadow stamped would look good but it didnt so I made a bad thing worse by adding some WV flowers and a cheery lynn swirl..  Think I'll whip the flowers off when I've got the jofy flower stamp I want ;o) 

Despite the pics awful colour it's a pale lilac graduating into a rich royal purple and deep aubergine.  The jofy flowers are paper pieced with lilac/blue/pink/purple metallic painted paper.  My own leaf stencil & a jofy stencil I enlarged.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Altered SMA tin

This is the prototype for next months playday project, an altered SMA tin.  It's still a work in progress (I ran out of yellow paper for the stamens and got fed up with spritzing white paper)

3 Prima dolls all paper pieced and coloured with copics & polychromos.

Heartfelt Creations Arianna Blooms flowers with various leaf dies & bits of pearl string.

I did learn a couple of things when making it... don't add trim around the top unless the lid is in situ.. you can see on the 2nd pic where trying to ram the lid on it's moved the pearls out of place.  Secondly.. don't add the flowers before the doll is in place.. I had to rip a few off as Prima dolls are quite tall and need the full length of the tin even after chopping off an inch or 2 from their legs.

This is the card I made for my future daughter in laws birthday.  Using an old creative expressions mandala stamp, copics,  spellbinder dies & some ribbon.  The butterfly has been 3d'd and is from a Prima paper pad.  TH rock candy glitter over some of the flower image, it hadnt quite dried when I took the pic.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

new & old

A couple using some old & new stash from me today.  I bought a new stamp & die set from Oysterstamps from Heartfelt Creations, Arianna flowers.  I had a play using calypso coral ink from SU and ripe persimon distress marker ink and decided to try for a monotone (ish) card to fit with the brief at createlicious challenge blog.  This one is using a sketch from KraftinKimmieStamps Blogspot
and is a first outing for Katherine.  She's stamped onto PTI card and coloured with copics.  SU papers and a couple of nesties.

This one is using a very old stamp from Elusive Images and is coloured with copics, cut with a nestie and some frantage enamels added.  First Edition Papers, SU cardstock and sentiment.  Bit of an oddity that I'm not sure about, I generally don't mix cream toned papers with white but seems to work this time rather than screaming wrong at me.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Old skool lol

Not quite sure how the convo started but a few weeks back I mentioned queree punches on a forum and no one had a clue what I was on about.. so I explained it was a decorative shape that was designed to be embroidered over.  Thought nothing more of it for a few days then had a hankering to get the punches out and see how they worked with a self made distress background..  I decided I wanted to make a large card to go with a prima doll I couldnt remember whether I'd inked or not and thought would be good for a friends bday.

I started off with denim, glass, tie dye & twig distress ink and gave it a blast with biscotti perfect pearls.  Then using a couple of flourishes from a Technique Tuesday stamp set I randomly stamped the flourishes with 2nd gen gathered twig.  Once I was happy with the background I used a queree punch to punch teardrop/leaf shapes into the background, perforated a few holes around them and battled with bad eyesight, a beading needle and gold thread.

 Pic isnt great but you can see where the embroidery was done over the queree punch.

Once I had the background finished I looked through my papers for something to match the colour ways.  I normally bitterly regret doing this as I've never got anything to match but as luck would have it I had Bo Bunny & My Minds Eye papers which worked well so I set about paper piecing the doll before mounting her, a SU sentiment on some SU card and adding the pearls.

I must own up on this one, the leaf pattern on the skirt, the flourishes & the shape of the queree punch makes it look as though I'd coordinated everything from the start but that was just a happy accident lol.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

On a roll

Definitely on a roll since I tidied the playroom, this makes 5 cards in a week, not bad seeing as I bet I hadnt made 5 cards in the last 6 months let alone blogged them.

This is a first outing for Kraftin Kimmies Eliza, I bought her ages ago just because she's pretty and I wanted her to live in my playroom.  I wasn't actually going to make a card today but a facebook posting from Kraftin Kimmie about their Wonderful Wednesday Challenge reminded me that I hadn't inked Eliza and one thing led to another lol.

Coloured in copics & polychromos on PTI cardstock she's cut and 3d decoupaged (yep, even the umbrella handle.. twice!) before having a coat of clear wink of stella over the umbrella and her ribbons.  Background papers are new bloom from First Edition, cardstock from StampinUp and I've used 2 dies from Spellbinders and a Martha Stewart punch. 

The layout is from SketchandStash Challenge Blog sketch 6,which I've taken the liberty of making a bit fatter and moving the sentiment.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

more bday cards

Nothing like a tidy playroom to make me a bit more productive here are a couple more cards made this week.

This one is using My Minds Eye papers, a whimsy stamp and it's the first time I've coloured with copics and gone over with polychromos.  

It's my lads birthday at the end of next month (get me being organised lol)  and I bought this Kenny K stamp at the last Sincerely Yours show just for him.  I did cock up the colouring and his forearm is now a sleeve and the bangle just a wrinkle lol.

Coloured with copics, crafts too embossing folder, burlap & sky distress ink with dimension fourth music script background.  Nestie star and a couple of gems.   Both images have sentiments from StampinUp.

Monday, 7 July 2014

not sure

I'm totally not sure whether to bin this one or not.  Made for friends who are a lot younger than us and have just moved house.  House is deliberately horrid colours and patchy for reasons I wont go into but they're quite apt for him.

Dylusions house, SU build a figure, sentiment & "sun" Coloured with copics.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

scheduled posting, I hope lol

It was a couple of my buddies birthdays this month and while they were blowing out candles I'll have been blowing sand off of my kobo & knocking back cocktails all while sweltering in the Egyptian sun.  Well I hope the sun will be sweltering lol.  Never scheduled a post before so it should be interesting to see if it's worked when I get home.

Both cards are using a new Jofy set which I'm half regretting buying as the vase plus flowers means you need best part of 8" high card and I do like making 6*6. 

This one is a bit of a blast from the past as I stamped everything on to white card in many layers, cut with a blade and 3d decoupaged it.  Flowers were coloured with my trusty albrecht druer watercolour pencils before being blended with a clear wink of stella.  The vase was blended with a couple of blue distress inks and sprayed with biscotti perfect pearls.  Whole lot was then placed on some paper from First Editions It's a Girl paper pad.  Freebie mag butterfly die (I'm ashamed to admit it's the only butterfly die I own) from a scrap of dsp. 

Same vase again stamped on to white card but this time instead of cutting them out I masked them (wasn't sure where the design was going) and played around with lilac, preserves, concorde, peacock feathers and evergreen distress ink, a mesh type stencils.  Quick blast with the biscotti perfect pearls mist and 1 background was done. Instead of painting the flowers I stamped on to scraps of SU card and glued in place. Bit more of the wink of stella and some diamontes in place and I was reasonably happy with this effect against the background. The vase was stamped and cut from First Editions Dream Catcher paper before a tiny bit of colouring in with a blue water colour pencil.

Sentiment on both is from an old SU set, just stamped on to scraps, cut into a rough tag shape before edging the edges with black archival and a bit of cord added.

Friday, 6 June 2014

New goodies

One of the things the playday ladies hate hearing me say is that if they buy anything at the Taunton Sincerely Yours show they have to make a project with it and prove it before the next playday.  I can't really enforce the rule if I don't follow it myself so I dragged out the inks and settled down to make a birthday card for my daughter.

I started off using seedless preserves, victorian velvet, squeezed lemonade, wild honey and dusty concorde distress ink to create a mottled background.  I then went over with my new memory box stars stencil and seedless preserves di, then an old script stencil & wild honey di.  Next out came the biscotti perfect pearls mist and I sprayed through the stars stencil.  Then came a really old dimension fourth script stamp and yet more seedless preserves di and black archival with a birthday sentiment stamp.  Matted on to black pearl and cream pearl card.

The band was cut using a spellbinders border die, both top and bottom glued underneath a strip of the same black card and some cream grosgrain ribbon from SU.

The Prima doll was another new purchase at Taunton.  I watercoloured her skin & hair with my albrecht druer pencils before adding touches of glittery highlight with a wink of stella.  Once totally dry I cut her out and paper pieced her dress using paper from First Editions "Dream Catcher" pad and lifted her using tiny foam dots.  Despite the card being 5" by 7" I still had to chop her feet off to fit on to the card!

I'm entering the card into the following challenges

A Creative Romance - Birthdays 

silver wedding anniversary card

One of my buddies saw the card I made for my nephews wedding and asked me to do something similar for her to give to friends who's wedding she witnessed 25 years ago.  This is what I came up with, not the same but very similar in that I used the same white stardream card, SU sentiment (stamped and embossed with silver ep) and 2 spellbinder hearts.

As well as the hearts I used a decorative "plaque" die from Spellbinders & very old font die, a cheery lyn flourish die and I used scal to cut 6 petalled flowers to make into roses.  I also used a crafts too a4 embossing folder to create some texture to the base layer.  The pic doesnt really show it but I've used a very sparkly glitter around each petal and teeny dots around the plaque.

I'm going to enter this one into

Southern Girls Challenge, Sparkle, Shine & a bit of Bling.


Creative Knockouts, Diecuts/Punches

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Taunton today, yippee and a tut.

Today was Tauntons turn to host the Sincerely Yours papercraft show and I've been looking forward to it for months.  It's probably my favourite of the shows I go to, small enough I can do a quick in & out but being only papercraft I can also spend hours there.  It's also good to go with my friends & meet up with other friends & stall holders I've known for years.

Now I've got a bit of a running joke with Tracey & Martine from Oysterstamps ever since my other mate Tracy mentioned lemon curd and I ended up taking a jar for Tracey & Graham. Martine likes Cadburys buttons though.  Roll on a couple of years and we'd found out Tracey likes the grub but Martine likes the box so I've started making pretty boxes to take her goodies in.

This was todays box and it's based on an old sewing/quilting pattern.    Not quite how I intended it to be, it was supposed to be handmade white roses but I couldnt find the right sized punch, but it's made using white stardream card, a spellbinders fancy circle die cut into a frame, embossing folder and shedloads of glitter which isnt showing in the pic.  The butterfly die came free with a magazine next year, Memory Box make some nice ones though.

I promised Martine I would do instructions for it, there's probably better ones out there than mine but I've never seen this box made with card before, only material.

2 ways to make it but they're basically  the same, just different boards used to get the same scored diamond within a square.

First seeing as Martine loves her WRMK envelope punch board we'll use that one.

Cut 2 identical sized squares, size isnt overly important but it does help to round them to full or half measure rather than cutting say 7 & 7/8"ths or 7.7cm. It's also better to use inches on this rather than cutting at metric.

Line your first edge on the punch board so it's meeting the measurement of half of your square, so if you've cut a 6" square line the edge to the 3" mark, if you've cut a 5" square line up at the 2 1/2" mark and so on.  Punch down and score along the groove (scores the blue line on diagram) as you would if you were making a normal envelope.  Quarter turn your card, line up to the same point (or use the guide) punch and score.  Do the same for the other 2 sides and repeat with the 2nd piece of card.  Use a ruler and score down the long red lines to create the flaps then snip away the 4 corners as per the grey area on the diagram on ONE of the pieces.  Fold and burnish all fold lines.

On the second piece of card cut along those red lines to leave a diamond within a square and no flaps.  Fold & burnish all scores.

 For the hougie, 

Cut 2 identical sized squares, size isnt overly important but it does help to round them to full measure rather than cutting say 7 & 7/8"ths or 7.5cm because it makes it next to impossible to find the central point without getting a ruler involved.  Score at 1/2" or 1cm on one side (doesnt matter if you've cut in imperial and scored in metric of vice versa as long as you do the same to the 2nd piece). 1/4 turn and repeat.  If you've used whole numbers it's now easy to score down from the top to show the mid point which is where to score the diamond by hand.  I've used short red lines on the diagram to show this.  Use a ruler and embossing tool to score between the midpoints (blue line on diagram.) Fold at all score and burnish.  Snip away the sections coloured grey on the diagram.  On the second square cut along the red lines so you just have a diamond within a square.

Assembly instructions aren't easy to describe and they don't really make much sense until you have to 2 pieces in your hands and are sticking it all down.  Here goes though.

Place a strong double sided tape to the right side of the flaps of 3 of the corners (all 4 if you don't want to hide something inside the box)  Match up the first of the flaps to the smaller square as shown and firmly stick together.  Work your way around the box taping and glueing flaps inside until you're finished or keep one point open to allow gifts to be placed inside.

I found it to be better to use a cropodile to make holes for the ribbon after decorating otherwise it's easy to get them in the wrong place.  I also found it harder to decorate when fully assembled but if you're using a paper/decoration which has a definite way up/down/diagonal you're less likely to make a mistake if you decorate after assembly.

Been a long day today so shout if it doesnt make sense.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Nephew's getting married today

My lovely nephew Jordie is getting married to Emily today and like most of the time I left things til last minute.

No inspiration was forthcoming so I fell back on my old standby.. white on white.

Martha Stewart patp edging, white stardream card, couture creations embossing folder, spellbinder heart & flower dies.  Marianne Design flourish die, memory box "gypsophelia"  bit of satin ribbon.  StampinUp sentiment embossed in silver.

Pic doesnt show it but the hearts, flowers, gypsophelia & ribbon have all been edged with pva and a white crystal glitter.  I'm sort of wishing I hadn't added the gypsophelia but it does look better in real life lol

Friday, 23 May 2014

time flies.. eek

Somewhere I think I lost my mojo back in december when I had the most hideous virus, not just for creating but photoing what I have made and without photos there's been nowt to put up here.  So I'm going to try and make more of an effort to do just that, not that it would be hard seeing as I havent posted for 7 months, oops.

Here are a few bday cards made for playday friends, ott pop up card made for mothersday, a wallhanging made for a meltpot playday and a mixed media canvas scrapbook stylee.  I wont bore everyone with detailed descriptions but if anyone is desperate for info just email me at playingwithpaper  @ 

Rather blurred Prima doll, Dyan Reavely saying, DesignsbyRyn raindrops, some dandelion fluff stamps

Distress Inks, Jofy stamps, Martha Stewart clay & mould, watercolour pencils & docrafts glitter varnish.  The varnish leached the paint badly, I'd have been better off using a wink of stella glitter.

Distress inks, watercolour pencils & jofy. 

Distress inks, spellbinders lattice die, Dyan Reavely leaf stamp (all cut by hand), bought spray of flowers & a bow.  Cant see it in the pic but the background has loads of layers of stencils, perfect pearls biscotti spray, crackle stamp & perfect pearls gold powder.

The most ott card I think I've ever made, as many su flowers and diecut leaves as I could shove in.  Monstrosity springs to mind lol.

 Diecuts, stencils, paste & sprays with a picture of my lad taken a few years back.  He's not as handsome now.. he's got a face full of ginger beard and appears to be auditioning for zztop.
 One of those pics that no matter what you do blogger and facebook turns to one side.

For a meltpot playday, papers beeswaxed and utee roses with diecut leaves.