Wednesday, 13 July 2016

day 9 colouring challenge

The aim of Kathys Daily Challenge is  to spend at least 5 to 10 mins a day colouring something.

This was about 10 mins worth of blending 8 different yellow, red & orange copics.  Not sure where it's going so it's been put in my waiting for inspiration box.  Altenew Persian Motifs on colotech cardstock.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

colouring challenge day 8

This isnt quite a cheat as I coloured the ring (polys) and background (copics) this am but the tilda was coloured on Sunday at Playday.  I have discovered that tilda & scrapbook stylee cards arent doing it for me anymore, so gumtree & ebay here I come.  Sad to see them go as it's that that got me liking stamping rather than thinking of it as a sometimes necessary evil but I think I need the room & could do with more floral stamps.

Forever friends striped background paper, nesties, SU punch, tumbled glass (and a nearly invisible wave stamp which I havent used for 20 years), bermuda bay SU cardstock

Monday, 11 July 2016

rephoted day 6

Finally managed to get Ades fancy camera to work by hitting lots of buttons then switching it to close up mode instead of the one he said I had to use.  Here's the finished card for the flowers I coloured yesterday with polychromos.

All SU card although the confetti card that it's coloured on is no longer available, have to admit it was absolutely hideous to fussy cut with a blade so maybe that's a good thing.  Embossed with silver, glamour dust added.  Sentiment is a mix of Happy from Altenews painted poppy set and a retired SU one, embossed on vellum and there's a tiny diecut vellum butterfly which I tipped the edges of it's wings with more glamour dust.

The flowers were coloured white, yellow, green, 2 blues then blended together with zest it before adding sharp strokes of the 2 blues to add detail.  There is also chrome yellow underneath the dots of glamour dust on the fronds it shows on the close up bit is too subtle (unless it's my eyesight) to see irl.

Daily 30 day colouring challenge

Day 7 of the 30 day challenge and this is one I started yesterday.  Distress background, polychromo coloured woodware image.  The rocket die is a relatively new one by woodware.  The white looking splodges is glamour dust which will dry sparkly.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

day 6 daily marker 30 day colouring challenge

Apologies about the quality of the pics.. one flat ipad when I went to take the pics just before sundown.  I wasn't going to post these but I know what I'm like with challenges and if I skip one day I''ll skip loads.

Today was Playday in Bristol and the challenge this month was to take something that you either don't get on with or don't know why you bought it.  Turns out I was the only one that actually did that, the other 18 ladies all brought colouring in stash!!

My don't get on with (I ditched the peeloffs and other sucker buys a long time ago) is my polychromos... 120 of em.  If I'm honest I never really got on with them from the start because they arent quick and I never found torchons I liked.  Didn't help I started collecting copics either at the same time or pretty soon after.  So armed with a selection of cardstock, some doll stamps that I havent touched for a few years off to playday I trotted.  

I managed a whole 3 images and a galaxy background, woohoo.  I will post proper pics of them all tomorrow as there's still a bit more to do to them.  1 Tilda & 1 penny black flowers.  Think I'll use the proper camera tomorrow as the ipad really hated these.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Day 5 colouring challenge

The last of the zig clean color watercoloured flowers today.

Altenew peony bouquet on langton watercolour paper.  Light violet, purple & cobalt blue zigs. 

The leaves are a pale green fading out into the paper but the ipad doesnt like the colour and blogger wants to rotate the pic... all in all today that, self absorbed kids & cobby husband is actually turning today into a pretty poor one.. still playday tomorrow that will cheer me up.

Friday, 8 July 2016

day 4 colouring challenge

I'm so chuffed with myself for keeping up with Kathys 30 day coloring challenge, at this rate I'm going to have all of next years birthday cards made! 

Staying with floral & watercolour, this time it's an Altenew rose, coloured with a single palette mix of cobalt blue & geranium red zig clean color pens on Langton watercolour paper with no drying or blending between layers as I was trying to recreate more of a faux 4 layered stamp effect.  The leaves were a mix of greens.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

colouring challenge day 3

Get me, keeping to a challenge for 3 whole days.

Not sure why this one has photoed so badly other than maybe because it's really overcast here today and I was using the ipad instead of a camera.  The shadow on the left was cast by me, there is a green grey painted shadow around the poppies but it's nowhere near as dark.

Painted poppies by altenew on langton, orange, yellow & red zigs. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 2 of colouring challenge

 It's day 2 of Kathys 30 day coloring challenge and to celebrate she's hosting a blog hop with a giveaway, woohoo.

This is todays card, sweet pea stamp from Altenews Peony Bouquet set which I stamped on Langton watercolour paper with smokey grey versafine then watercoloured with zigs.

I'm not convinced by the grey versafine, it's actually taking on the colour from the zigs which although was handing in some places it made it hard to blend out when I didn't want a harsh line.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

#thedailymarker30day day 1

The lovely Kathy from has just started her 30 day colouring challenge.  The idea is to spend as little as 5 or 10 minutes or as much as you'd like colouring in every day.

I really do need to get my copics back out but I've fancied trying a no lines watercolour technique for ages but my colouring is still so bad I chickened out and went with a nearly no lines by using a soft brown di rather than antique linen with this one.

Hero Arts delicate blossom stamp on Langton Hot Pressed watercolour paper.  Orange, geranium red and red clean color pens and layered gradually using a nos3 round brush.

I'm very tempted to add in some detail using polychromos but this is the only impression I have of the stamp as it arrived in 2 pieces and there's no more stock available :(  I did put the pieces together in the hope that it would be workable but there's a very small mismatch in the stems.

Monday, 4 July 2016

hinged type stamp tool & diy versions reviews, sorry it's seriously long.

Those who know me in person know that I thought the misti tool was a good enough idea but way too expensive for what it is and that as someone who rarely misstamps, doesn't want to stamp circular patterns or batch make it was £50 I wasn't going to spend.

Well Kay & Kelly nearly had wet knickers from laughing when I admitted to buying one at the Plymouth Sincerely Yours show a month or so ago.  Even Tracey at Oysterstamps looked at me cockled when I handed over the cash as I'd told her that I wasn't going to get one (and why) when she first told me they were going to be stocking them and I'd repeated it on many occasions.   So why did I buy it??  I'd bought one stamp at the craft show before that was a total and utter ******* (insert the worst swear words imaginable here) to ink.  Versafine, archival, pigment you name it NOTHING would come close to even close to half way decent coverage and that was before stamping it, I tried the stamp press, inking with a brayer, stamping upside down (paper on top stamp) stamping mats, funky foam, more or less every trick I could think of from 20 years of stamping.  So the thought was get a misti and a few duplicate impressions with a brand new sopping wringing juicy versafine.  4 impressions later it was just as cr*p an impression as always, albeit perfectly lined up rather than a few halos from not quite being square on with 2nd & 3rd impressions.  I nearly threw the misti, complete with stupid bloody stamp still attached, through the window.  Notamuseddotcom as we seem to say these days.   Anyways I took misti (with stamp to friends a few days later to show her how bad it was) and the bloody thing stamped first time with a perfect image, with misti and with a bogstandard normal block.  Turns out that being a dirty stamper (I don't clean my stamps unless I have to) worked and one *** stamp was now stamping perfectly.. even with distress ink which usually hates clear stamps let alone solid image clear stamps.  Anyways back to the review (and of diy versions) as I got a bit sidetracked on why I bought one.


This is an absolutely first class tool that really does do what it says on the tin, but, there are some againsts as well as the obvious fors.


  Perfect for people who can't hold or put enough pressure on a block.
  Doesnt matter if you don't ink the stamp properly or dont press the stamp down all over to get a complete impression because closing the lid again will cover up all mistakes.
  No more catching the ink on the edge of the stamp cushion and getting unintended lines.  The misti has exactly the right depth and because you can't accidentally wobble the stamp from side to side there's no accidental smudge, specially handy when you've got a super thin long stem on a flower or a huge stamp that needs lots of pressure.
  If you want to stamp a sentiment around the edge of a circle or corner there are templates which make this dead easy. Lots of guides and links on youtube.
  Lining up is easier because you place the uninked stamp in place on your card and use the closing and opening action of the lid to get it in perfect place ready to ink up.
  Mirrored stamping is the best I've ever done with misti, Oysterstamps can get their hands on an a6 blank clear stamp which if you follow some of the youtube vids allows you to get a mirrored image which has the same strength of ink as the original.
  Batch making, using the corners it's possible to set your misti up so that your stamps are all in perfect position and you just move the card to different corners ready to ink up & close the lid.
  It's great for repeat pattern stamping.
  If your ink pad is drying or you want to get a deeper colour you can reink time after time to build up colour.
  The grid on the lid lets you get sentiment stamps perfectly straight.
  Perfect for stamping on glossy card/shrink plastic as you can't slip the image on it.  Go very careful if using stazon though as Misti doesnt recommend harsh cleaners.

Againsts, for me anyway,

  I'm a dirty stamper and having to either clean stamps before putting them into position or covering the card with a thin layer of acetate while position is not really for me.  I find it a pita and have ruined a few things when I haven't cleaned/dried the stamps properly and I always get inky fingers when I use acetate as a shield. 
  I'm not overly a fan of having to place the stamp on the card first, it's a bit of a flaff compared to hovering an inked stamp over the card then deciding where you want it to go and misti is definitely not the tool to do lots of random stamping over a page, all that cleaning repositioning, closing/opening then reinking is a bloomin nightmare compared to a quick dab back onto the inkpad and stamp.
  If you want to do a circle stamped sentiment direct on to a 6" square card you'll have to buy the 12" misti, the regular is far too small.  5" square is the largest size that works comfortably.
I don't like using it with the really large inkpads, anything su size or above can be fiddly.  The small inkcubes are a lot easier to use with it, however, after knocking over 2 dl boxes (ok I admit they were balanced precariously on the edge of my side desk) filled with ink cubes then having to find let alone work out which lids went with which of about 30 pads (su & hero arts pads don't say underneath so it's a good job I swatched them last week) you can imagine why I prefer to buy full size inkpads.
  It takes the ooh factor out of stamping and I have to admit I find using the tool makes stamping as boring as printing from the computer.  It took me a lot of years, stamp & ink purchases to think of stamping as something more than a sometimes necessary evil and with a block I get a lot of excitement from taking the block away to see what it's stamped like.  Fair enough 99 times out of 100 I've stamped perfectly but there's always a will it wont it moment that with misti turns into a so what it doesnt matter I can reink it.   For me that loses some of the handcraftedness and I might just as well print from the computer, something I've never taken satisfaction from either as there's no challenge to using a printer even if I have made the graphic on the pc myself.

If I were to nitpick there are probably a few more I could come up with but I don't want to sound like too much of a whinger lol. 

Conclusion, a definite must have for those who have dexterity issues or batch make.  Worth it for those who struggle to stamp normally but it's still worth persevering with normal blocks as there are times Misti is as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.  For any other reasons really think hard about what you want it to do for you and what you expect from it then think is it going to do it, what size do you need and can you afford the cost.  Me, I'm glad I have it as I've just swatched the inks that I keep on my desk (about 200 or so) and for that it was a blessing.  Is it going to replace my blocks?  Not a chance and will only be used for maybe 1 in 10 stamped cards at most but for those 1s I'll probably be glad I had it.


For those thinking that £50 was a lot to spend for maybe only 1 in 10 cards and you've seen lots of different home made versions doing the rounds on youtube, blogs & facebook groups..  I've seen them too and I've actually made 2 of my own but just remember I'm as tight as the proverbial if I think something is gimmicky and there is a perfectly acceptable substitute...  would I really have spent £50 on one, specially when I'm hankering after adding mft, hero arts and lawn fawn inks to my collection.. £50 would be a good chunk towards one of the sets...

Cd/dvd cases with an array of different sarnies of magnetic sheet, shims, funky foam and magnet strips are hugely limiting in the size of the card you can stamp on.  They arent necessarily going to give you perfect 2nd impressions either because there is wiggle room in the fold over not hinged cases.  I made mine up pretty much as soon as the Misti craze hit the groups and someone posted it as an idea.    All in all it was a total waste of time & a few quid in magnetic sheets, magnets (that are useless compared to misti ones) and layers of foam and all to stamp images like tilda because it wasn't big enough to do a whole card!  I didn't bother going to the expense that you'd need to for gridded acetate if you want to use it to line up sentiments.  Mine went in the bin a couple of months later as only used it once and thought it was a pita and wasn't all that and a bucket of chips iykwim.

Much better than a cd case is the large hinged photo frame from a certain Swedish store.  Costs a few quid but it's big enough to fit an 8*8 piece so much better to start with but, and there are quite a few buts with this one, including the biggest which I shall leave to last.

The magnets on the side have to be removed otherwise you're forever fighting to get it open again.
  The perspex is too thin and you'll be breaking it on a regular basis.  I would recommend getting poly carbonate/perspex sheets cut to order from ebay, however those peg type thingies that you have to bend over the "glass" on the lid are one of the worse pitas I've come across.  Best to remove them and use a combination of superglue & hot glue to weld the perspex/glass into place.  Sticky tape wont do it, not even the redline tape.
 You're going to need thin funky foam to use with um red rubber and a stronger magnetic sheet than the cheapie ones you bought at the last show.  It has to be strong to attract the magnets, oh and the 2 normal well priced advertised as strong magnets are in actual fact useless and wouldn't hold even copy paper.  Misti magnets are strong enough to jump 6" or so to grab on to an unsuspecting bracelet/watch and that's because they have to be strong to keep the card in place.
  You've gone to the expense of strong magnetic sheets & magnets, you've replaced the glass and spent ages getting it glued into place, you've worked out what shims & foam is needed to stamp your unmounted red rubber or clear polymer stamps, you've even spend some dosh on gridded acetate because you were getting in a pickly lining up sentiments and all is working well for you then you decide that you want to use that really awkward cushion mounted stamp that you've never got on with because you keep catching ink on it's edge...  here's the big but coming... the photo frame isn't as deep as it needs to be and that caught ink that you used to stamp every time is going to stamp every time with the photo frame as well.  Almost all of my problematic stamps are cushion mounted and as much as I'd like to ditch the cushioning they do actually need it even when stamping on to cushion.

Yes, I've also got the photo frame version and even though it's large enough to pattern build easier it's going to be converted into an altered project not used to stamp with.  Just too much hassle and when I'd use it is to avoid a problem and it's not really avoiding them all the time.

If money is a serious problem and you can't save the money/ask for Misti as a christmas/bday pressie then it's worth thinking about a diy version but please don't think that it compares to the Misti because unless you've gone to quite a hefty cost to custom build from scratch to the exact depth and copied it (you've basically broken patent laws when you copy the idea) the diy ones really are not a patch on using the real thing.  It's a bit like buying a knock off handbag, it looks good initially but give it a few jaunts around the block and you'll start to notice the hems are fraying, there's holes in the lining, the zip has busted, the metalwork has tarnished and a few of the gems are missing.. actually it's fooling no one and goes in the bin lesson learned.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

A few more

 Penny Black stamp embossed with white onto Langton hot pressed watercolour paper.  Carmine red & cornflower blue zig clean color pens direct to paper before being blended out with water.  Wet on wet distress ink background.  Su sentiment on vellum.  The poppies in real life are more purple than pink.
 My take on a KW or JM card.  Su sentiment eyeballed and repeat stamped in various blue su inks.  Su pirate stamp as main image.
 An altered bottle, clay, eggshells, tissue & a glass eye hiding under shed loads of inka golds.
 A very rough experiment with altenew stamps & misti.  It doesnt show it but this is a dual layer card and there's an aperature cut around the inside of the leaves.  I'm going to take off the flowers and change them for some others.
Seriously seriously gutted last week.  I ordered this Hero Arts stamp after coveting it for ages only to discover that the one I was sent was in 2 pieces.  I did stamp to see if it would be ok but had to add in some fine black lines to hide the join.  One stamp set sent back and they can't replace it as oos :o(

Direct blended zig clean color pens on Langton watercolour paper. Simple su sentiment.

Monday, 20 June 2016

I'm back

After suffering the indignities of working full time on a rotating shift pattern life is back to normal and I'm back, yay I've missed crafting something wicked.

Here's a few made this month.

Stampinup inks & sentiment, heartfelt creations leaf stamps & dies with Altenew stamps which were free with a uk craft mag.

Sheena Douglas stamp coloured with red & blue zigclean color pens blended on strathmore watercolour paper before being fussycut & mounted on white card.  Raspberry distress ink.

This one is a joke that got out of hand. One of our best friends turned 60 this week and he once had Ade moving around so that his shadow would shield Toms drink from the Caribbean sun... so when I saw a deckchair with umbrella drink holder it had to be done, then I had a problem wrapping it & the glasses & voddie.  Somehow a box became decking and I had the whole thing wrapped in cellophane at the florists with pretty blue dangly bows.  Tom wasn't impressed someone bought him flowers for his bday, until he looked at it with sober eyes the next day lol.  Stamp onthe card is an old Tilda champagne glass.  The rude sentiment is one I got a friend to arrange to be made for me.  It cause an awful lot of mirth when Tom finally revealed it.

A distressed background using Jofy stamp with a stampinup sentiment.

I know Tracey thinks that I only really do grungy but cas is my favourite really.  A simple woodware stamp coloured with zig clean color pens on colotech cardstock.  This card doesnt like even a mist of water but I managed just about before fussy cutting and mounting on more colotech.

A polkadoodles stamp set coloured with zigs, fussy cut and mounted over a background made with smooshing the same pens over a sheet of acetate and misting with water.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

birthday cards

There is a downside to making cards so far in advance.. you have to schedule the post for months in advance otherwise risk your online buddies seeing them.

 Brushos with sheenas poppy stamps, technique tuesday flourishes, kaiser craft script stamp
It's hammering down & the wind is howling so I had to put the daylight lamp directly over this one.  Irl the colours are a lot more vivid.

Visible Images butterfly, sprinkled with purple & turquoise brushos, misted with perfect pearls then stamped onto white card.  Background made with the round TH applicator tool, seedless preserves & peacock feathers distress ink.
 Visible image head stamped in black archival.  Sprinkled with dark brown, orange, crimson brushos, misted then blown around with the marker spritzer tool. 
Designs by Ryn hibiscus stamp set, stamped & embossed with gold onto ice white stardream card.  Watercoloured using either brusho or reinker, havent a clue which is which in my palette now lol.  Memory box butterfly die to hide a drop of red ink ;o)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

couple more made months ago

Nowt but white card & archival black ink. Technique tuesday flourishes, hotp bubbles and a panda stamp I can't remember, I want to say making memories but I don't think it is.
Circle nesties cut out of acetate & used as a stencil.  SU inks, unknown butterfly stamp.  First edition papers.
Adirondack inks applied with inkduster, lavinia stamps.