Friday, 27 June 2008

Usable at last but fuming.

Well as promised a few pics of the playroom. I still have to fit new flooring & curtains and as you might have noticed a door on one of the cupboards......

We only ordered the units a couple of weeks ago, went to fit the doors on Tues only to find one damaged. Over to B&Q on Wed but because I didnt have the receipt with me they would only refund me £1!!!!!!!! The doors had been placed on special Monday £1 each (bl**dy typical). I didnt want a refund though, just a door, not too much to ask.... or was it?

Nope, none in stock.... "I suggest you visit every branch to see if they have any" I spent all of Thurs driving to stores as none of them bothered to answer the phone... none in any of the Bristol shops. Hubby went over this morning to be told "sorry the entire range is discontinued" and it was suggested I chose new doors. Well.... ok.... but the cantilever system (fab btw) is fixed to one and to get it out the worktops would need to be removed, we also have extra side panels which would have to be replaced. All in all the units would need to be totally dismantled, rebuilt & fitted. OK if you've nothing better to do with your time or as it was my best mates hubbies time (cheers Leon). No other suggestion was made to hubby....

I went over, very calmly doing my nut and spoke to the manager... No, replacing all the doors isnt acceptable, I dont mind glazed doors on the top but only if they are the same colour (none of them about either) no, it isnt acceptable for the door to remain missing. The manager then said he should be able to get one from their service team (legal requirement they keep parts in stock for 3 years) but it's not a quick process. Sorry mate, but speak to them and get them to send it to me direct on overnight delivery!!!!! after a bit of forcefulness on my part he agreed within a week and will ring me monday to confirm. Will wait & see if it happens... cant see it myself. B&Q have been nothing but trouble with this project, took 2 trips & a 2 1/2 hr wait just to sort out 1 length of worktop that should have been on the order.... instructions missing from the cantilever.

Would I use B&Q when we replace the kitchen later this year? NO

Other than that I'm really happy with the layout and am finding it works well for me. Still got a bit more sorting, tidying & prettying to do but at the mo I just want to sit back with a cuppa, and yes that is a kettle in the corner ;o)

Monday, 23 June 2008

Playing with SCAL again

Seeing as the playroom isnt totally finished I've been having fun with PSP & SCAL . Couldnt think what to do so I wondered if I could manage an origamic architecture card using a lattice.

Here's what I came up with.

It's quite easy to do once you've got the hang of the principle. Create the letters with a thin black edge, delete the middle and underlay a lattice then create a cutaway section around it all. Once cut all you do is score along the blue dashed lines then sort of squidge and poke it to shape. Then carefully give it crisp creases with a small bone folder. Stick along the top & bottom to the inside of the card. If your not too accurate sticking in place just trim the card slightly but it's important that the score line that goes to the outer edges lines up perfectly with the inside fold of your card.

If you dont want to make your own and with a bit of luck the file should be here. Scut file Makes a 5" sqr card. Feel free to make cards for your own use but please respect my copyright and dont share or sell the file.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Been busy creating a playroom

Eldest son announced he was moving in with his girlfriend in March. It took him over 3 months just to start clearing so like a kind mummy I went in and finished off. Within 2 days I had it all done and fresh wallpaper up, he & hubby didnt know a thing about it ;o) Cabinets & worktop were ordered the day after. It's been 13 days since I started and I'm still waiting for the top cabinets & flooring to be done :o( Not funny having nowhere to play as some stash is up here and some downstairs. Fingers crossed it will be finished this week and I can add a few photos.

I did manage to find time to make an origamic architecture card this morning. My first using SCAL but I did cheat and cut the fold tabs by hand, mainly as I wasnt sure how deep I wanted it.

While the camera was out I took a pic of this one using one of the new scrapmagic templates.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

New scrapmagic templates due soon.

Have finally been given permission to show a few of my samples for the new Scrapmagic templates. There is also a wreath & stocking template but like a donut I forgot to photo them before I handed them over. There's no official launch date on Ideal World yet but Hooked On Crafts in Kingswood, Bristol will be having a demo of them later this month.

Sleigh & Candle are using papers from an old DCWV stack. The angel is using penny black & hero arts stamps with ancient page ink. The bell used the last of my favourite black & white paper, again from DCWV, stars embossed with a judikens powder & the letters were cut on the cricut, ariel narrow .6 inch.