Monday, 22 September 2008

Ribbon storage

If you're anything like me you have hoards of ribbons. My smaller lengths used to be in a tangles mess shoved into the cupboard. While looking for stash I found a system for storing the small lengths but it was mega money for what it was. So I hit on the idea to make my own.

I started off using my ribbon slot clip punches to create cardboard "bobbins" out of scrap card but after cutting 100 or so I ran out of enthusiasm. But I did at least make a start and spent an evening threading some of the ribbons on. A few book rings and they were at least tidier. I've made a template here that I use now to cut them on the cricut.

Now I needed to find somewhere to store them, after spying my cropodile and a piece of hardboard which had came from the back of an old bedside cabinet I hit on the idea of making a storage holder. This is the pic taken before I really went to town with primas & gems but I cant find the finished pic at the mo.

Here's how I made it. This time I'm using the hardboard I took from a photoframe I'd filled with pegboard to make these wall holders. There's 2 of them with a net pole stretched between for my full reels of ribbon.

I cut the hardboard using nothing more than a scalpel and smoothed the edges with an emery board. This piece is 26cm by 9.

Using a pen & ruler I marked the middle and every 3cms.

Then I set the depth on my cropodile and punched holes were marked.

Once all the holes were punched I gave it a quick squirt with some silver plastikote spray. Hubby wonders why I dont want a nice carpet in here but what he doesnt realise is that instead of being sensible and using smelly sprays in a nice well ventilated area (I'm supposed to use the garden) I just put some newspaper on the floor and carry on regardless.

Once dry (well sort of lol) I stamped over with a basic grey flourish stamp and some blue stayzon.

Then I put some ribbon around, tied a bow and knotted another piece of ribbon as a hanger.

Have fun if you decide to make one and if you're using SCAL & a cricut hang fire for a day or 2 and I'll upload the scut file.

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