Monday, 16 March 2015


One question often asked in papercrafts is how to store things.  I've tried all sorts over the years and this is what works for me.  All made from mountboard & gummed tape.

 I have about 8 of these, for 6*6 and 8*8 pads.  This is an 8*8 size.  Considering it's only held together with gummed tape it will hold it's own weight when filled full.
 Similar size to my 8*8 boxes, just made wider so I can fit 2 lots of a6 folders side by side.  Was no more difficult to make, just 2 extra pieces to tape into place.
 This took a lot of work, a large box bought at homesense, filled with folded & glued pigeon holes then painted.  The drawers hold a full set of distress markers and there's a row onto where I can fit stickles and reinkers.
 My ribbon box from a few posts back.
Stamp storage. filled with not quite a5 pieces of single sided laminate inside cheap self grip poly bags.  If I'd used avery elle & muji boxes I'd have had to pay out several hundred quid.. this cost me less than a tenner and holds at present over 400 sheets (there are a few more boxes to the side) with room for at least another couple of hundred.  Where I have stamps with matching dies I've added a strip of magnet to the back and the dies are in the pocket with the stamps.

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