Sunday, 5 October 2014

Freehand Brusho Christmas Tree

On Pinterest there's a pin of what the lady calls Triad trees that fascinated me but after having a play I sound found it isn't easy to do on small scale, well either that or I can't tap the brush in the right way lol.  But it got me thinking about brushos and trees and could it be done freehand and this is my version of it.

Stupidly easy to do but I think I should have practised before going gung ho on decent card stock because I'm not happy about the blob on one branch on the right.

Very lightly sprinkle emerald green & one of the red brusho crystals in a smallish triangle, mine was about 4cms high and about 2cms wide at the base.  Super super light sprinkle because you want to keep lots of white card showing.  Quick light mist with water then using either the tim holtz or perfect layers airbrush spritzer thingy (links to both so you can see what I'm going on about) hold about an inch or 2 above the card, aim away from the centre of the tree and towards a bottom corner and squeeze the bulb part to make air come out. Keep moving and blowing air until you have a rough looking tree. Using a fine watercolour brush paint and dark brown (mixed with water) paint in any gaps where the trunk would be and a small patch underneath for the ground.  Dead simple, dead quick to do, took me longer to find the spritzer thingy than it did to make the card lol.

On a slightly different note I mentioned an easel I'd tarted up last post, finally managed to get a pic of it.  Seeing as I photoed the Christmas Tree card on it I thought I'd add it here.  Learnt a few lessons in doing it.. the pva crackle technique only works on smooth surfaces and at £2.99 including a canvas you can be sure that this one is made of cheap unfinished pine and it was in desperate need of a good sand down.. which I didnt do.. hence the next to no crackle.

Painted first with orange & copper paint.  Covered with pva and cream emulsion paint.  Stamped all over with a group of small ivy leaves stamp.  Coloured with various distress stains.  Sanded back in places and inca gold cream paint added to some of the edges.  Looks fab holding an 8*8 card or large canvas, not so great with a not quite 6*6 card.


Ab Fab Designs said...

Boy you have been busy ,me thinks you really liking the Brushos
Hugs xx

Playing with paper said...

Definitely enjoying the brushos Martine. Was getting pretty bored of papercrafting... hadn't really been anything new or exciting launched since they started the tilda scrapbook stylee cards and I'm bored rigid with them lol. Having lots of fun playing to see what they will and wont do.

Sarah said...

Stunning card. Absolutely love it. Very contemporary x