Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Are you bored of brushos and that poppy stamp yet?

I don't know about anyone else but I'm a huge lover of pinterest when my mojo has deserted me and when I've got a new product.  First thing I did when I got home with the brushos was search pinterest to see what was being done with them and to be honest there wasn't much card making wise so a lot of what I've been doing has been trial and error.  One of the things I will admit to being disappointed with what I did find on pinterest was how some of the stamped cards sort of "lost" the image in amongst a heavy fireburst of colour and when I went to the Taunton show I was determined to buy the "right" sort of stamp that would show up against them.  That wasn't actually as easy as I thought, those with big bold lines aren't really the sort of stamp I like and I won't buy stamps I don't actually like no matter how much a certain technique might "need" them.  Ade doesnt even know I have a blog let alone read it so safe to admit to buying stamps I fall in love with even when I know I'll probably never have a reason to use them (going to be years before Nate is old enough for me to use some pirate stamps I bought and I bought them 3 years before he was born lol).  Anyway to cut a long story short while I was pondering the issue I wondered what would happen if I stamped into misted brushos.. not on a damp wet wipe or sprinkled over a Dylusions pad but straight on the card.. I know that the brushos can be used as an ink or direct to rubber so isn't this the same thing?

One experiment later... and here it is.

There's absolutely no other colour to the poppy than dark brown sprinkled very lightly over the rough area where I knew I was going to position the petals.  I very lightly misted around where I thought the background needed to be but slightly heavier in the middle where the petals would go.  Pressed the clean dry stamp onto the misted ink and held it in place for a couple of seconds.  Being an occasionally  tight fisted frugal crafter I then stamped the petals on to some scrap white card.. not because I thought I'd get a great impression but just to not waste the ink, more of this coming in the next post tho (or is it the previous post seeing as newest posts go in front of older ones).  Anyway going back to this card, once dry I added the black archival stem & detail part of the stamp.  Trimmed the card to size and added a peach parfait border.  Now initially this card was going to be for someone who doesnt like multi layered  or clean and simple so I spent yonks cutting and piecing a frilly border to go around it.  It looked bloody awful and the sort of thing a kid would make given a naff set of cut & stick stuff from 20 year old TSVs.  These stamps don't need frilly borders, a simple mat & layer is all they want really.  That said I did decide that I was a bit fed up with cas and went with a layout from sketch saturday blog.  Background papers are white card stamped on using dark brown brushos on a damp babywipe using a kaisercraft brick and a bubble strip I won years ago.  I deliberately went with a light coverage.  I should have trusted my original instinct and went with cas lol

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