Monday, 16 March 2009

Colour charts

I spent a bit of money at the NEC yesterday buying my first copic ciaos, oops lol and decided I wanted a colour chart so here we go.

Admittedly I havent played with them yet other than to mark off the colours I have but I'm happy enough with the quality of the ciaos. Maybe when I have to buy sketch to get the colour I want I might change my mind but seeing as I have so many artist grade pencils I can't really justify the extra cost.

First pic is for Ciaos then I made another for the more expensive sketch pens.

And lastly one for promarkers. These were the first I bought and although I liked them enough to want to get copics (wanted more lighter shades than seem available for promarkers) I think I prefer the copics. Promarkers have more of a hard old fashioned felt tip style nib whereas the ciaos have a springy brush nib. As to actual results I can't see there's any difference and will mix & match as needed.

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angeljakki said...

you will love them once you get going x