Friday, 20 June 2008

Been busy creating a playroom

Eldest son announced he was moving in with his girlfriend in March. It took him over 3 months just to start clearing so like a kind mummy I went in and finished off. Within 2 days I had it all done and fresh wallpaper up, he & hubby didnt know a thing about it ;o) Cabinets & worktop were ordered the day after. It's been 13 days since I started and I'm still waiting for the top cabinets & flooring to be done :o( Not funny having nowhere to play as some stash is up here and some downstairs. Fingers crossed it will be finished this week and I can add a few photos.

I did manage to find time to make an origamic architecture card this morning. My first using SCAL but I did cheat and cut the fold tabs by hand, mainly as I wasnt sure how deep I wanted it.

While the camera was out I took a pic of this one using one of the new scrapmagic templates.

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