Thursday, 22 January 2015

That sinking feeling..

It's my grandsons first birthday today and as per usual I was being lastminutedotcom... Ade shouted up the stairs last night.. "have you got a card for Nate?"  this then led to me shouting down "what do you think I'm bloody doing"  I wasn't lol, I was playing with the red & orange card from the last post.  I'd only got as far as adding the ink so quick switch over to another sheet of white card, cover with faded jeans, salty ocean & stormy sky ink.  Try out the stencil I'd just cut.. add the brilliance white ink circles.. was pretty chuffed with this one.. really looked good.   Find a bday sentiment.. check.. stamp on the bottom in black archival... oops, that'll teach me for shoving a clean glass mat onto the larger one I'd been working on with the inks.  Only have a stamped impression because the card had been hanging over the edge.  Too late to do another one so I'll think about how to hide it later lol. 

Now for that sinking feeling when I trawled through my stamps looking for something suitable for a toddler.. not a bloomin thing.. 8pm at night and no chance of getting to a craft shop.  Only thing for it was to grab a Tilda Goblin I bought a few years ago and quick watercolour pencil jobbie.  Not really a toddler stamp but I haven't ever had to make a card for a small kiddie let alone this young.  Next job was to think how to add the image and cover up the half sentiment.  Scal to the rescue, a number 1 with a footing large enough to cover lol.  Inked in faded jeans and dotted with the ink straight from the dauber I'd used earlier.  Next problem was how to arrange things, yikes, 2 large things, nothing to do but just side by side and I had to doodle his name because I don't possess an alphabet stamp set.  I do really but it's still in the loft in a box from the last house move... 11 years ago lol.  Crappest card I think I've ever made but he won't know or care and it'll be in the bin in a few days lol.  On the upside tho the bokeh background on this one was nicer than the other ;o)