Sunday, 25 January 2015


I'm currently taking part in a facebook game called #artchain.  The object is to share 5 pieces of art you've made over 5 days and nominate someone else to join in the fun on each day.  Instead of posting pics of newer cards I've made I decided to have a look back on a few of the cards I've made over the last 20 years.  Been great fun and quite interesting to see that there is a core style that has remained right through the journey even though I've made some real turkeys lol.  Has also been some sadness when I noticed my original site is no longer available and thanks to that and using many different pcs over that time I've lost hundreds of very early pics.  Not to worry though, most were pretty crap lol.

Here are a few that I have still got pics of and on the side bar there are 2 slideshows of cards I made while making samples for Art Of Craft. 

 This is the 2nd card I ever made and I can really look back and cringe.  The only tools I had was a single needle tool, a small piece of grid, an embossing tool and that awful horsehair looking bit of mat that came with the pergamano starter set.

This one and the next are dry embossing and hand cutwork.  I got a lot more satisfaction from making these than I ever have using a die to cut the patterns.  I really miss the challenge of handcutting new stencils.

The decoupage on this one was straight irl, the only photo I could find was at an angle to show the layers.  Have put a perspective correction on the pic which is why it's showing each layer as being a bit off.

A slightly later parchment card, I never did get on with colour on parchment but I used to love doing this style of gridwork.

A very very early parch card made when my niece was going through chemo for AML.
 This is the very first christmas card I ever made and I had to make a dozen or so.  Not fun with all that stippling.

A very early teabag folding card inspired by the lady who held my online hand as she first encouraged me to try other papercrafts, the lovely Janet Wilson then asked me to demonstrate with her.

I think this one might be on the side slideshow, another hand embossed and cut card using a brass stencil.  This one also has paper embroidery and 3d decoupage.

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