Wednesday, 28 January 2009

New toys

I was asked to make some samples for Art Of Craft in Farnborough using some new stencils from my favourite brand, Marianne Design. The only brief was to use papers from Springtime blocks from Crafts Too and to not worry about 3ds as they'll be added later.

Ooh, now this was a challenge, normally I look at the stencil, chose a 3d then work with the colours and shapes to decide on the finished card. I suppose in my imagination I was picturing where the 3d would be and what it would be like. It's going to be interesting to see if the cards end up how I pictured them or not.

This is a Merys stencil and I could have gone on making loads & loads of samples. I can just see the flowers being cut, 3d'd then used like Primas. Sorry Jane, I might "lose" this stencil and send you a cheque for it ;o)

I've left the side bare ready for a 3d but I visualise it more stamped with a phrase/poem of some sort.

This is another Merys stencil. I've made a 5cm square gatefold then cut away along the edges of the stencil and embroidered with pale pink & blue gutterman threads and edged everything with a silver peeloff tinted with pastel pink. I'm not sure what I envisaged for the 3d but I just loved the colours in the papers and felt the stencil was so nice it deserved to be used twice. Another one that is going to be lost lol.

This is a Pink stencil, the cat & mouse should be attached but they're so sweet I wanted them separate. I have used a couple of prima flowers but I'd be more inclined to use the merys flowers so I could match colours better.

This is another Pink stencil, very very simple to sew & cut but I think with a rub on poem it's going to look great.

Another Pink stencil but this time I've used it to create a frame, cut away the inner area and turned it into a shaker card. It doesnt really look that great as it stands but I can see a floral spray 3d in the bottom corner.

This is the last of the Pink stencils, I made a gatefold, folded the fronts back and embossed the outer edges before adding some chalk. I know the 3ds are being added later but I had a beautiful Mattie clematis 3d that I couldnt resist.

This is a Merys stencil but unlike the first 2 stencils it comes as a set of 3 graduated stencils. After being embossed & cut they fit inside each other to create a flower/frame.
To me this said waterlily and I couldnt resist 3d'ing the dragonfly from the backing paper.

Another Merys, this time tho I went for an all white look. I've used the same white pearly card for everything but have used a cuttlebug folder for the central image and a flourish stamp with silver Brilliance ink & holographic ep to create some texture. Add in a small doily & a ribbon bow and I've over the moon with this card.
I've still got another Merys stencil to use and I'm itching to have another play with one of the Pink stencils....

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