Friday, 18 July 2008

SCAL again

Dont mention B&Q or the door, still not here and they are saying September!!

I've been having fun with SCAL (to keep my mind off of B&Q), this time cutting words into the base card.
Unfortunately the base card is a similar cream to the wallpaper so it doesnt really show the cut areas properly. If you want the scut file for the base card & the overlay it's just here and makes a 5 1/2" card. The flower is just a basic shape from paintshop pro and cut with 1cm difference each time. As always, despite having 1000s of brads I didnt have the right colour so had to dip an orange one into some embossing powder. For once I had the sense to use my long handled crocodile clip to hold while embossing so all fingers are burn free ;o)

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