Friday, 28 March 2008

ATC books.

Made from a sheet of A4 card or firm paper.
Each holds 4 ATCs and by glueing several together before adding a pretty cover can hold as many as you want.

Score along the 4 lines shown

Bring the bottom half up.

Fold as shown so that the middle fold is towards you.

Unfold and using the fold lines as start & stop points cut as shown.

Fold up again.

Turn over and squiggle some glue over one of the inside pages. Bring together and hold tight until the glue has set properly.

Use some double sided sticky tape along the middle to stick down a piece of ribbon. Make sure you leave enough loose either side to tie into a bow.

Use the book as a guide to make a paper cover. It doesnt have to cover totally. Glue to the front and back along the edges but not over the spine.

Now it's ready to decorate.


Sharon said...

Wow Sue, this is fab. I don't make ATC's but I would use this template to make a tag card. Thanks for that. Great blog.
Sharon x

Debsg said...

This is fantastsic. I will make one today. Thanks for the inspiration. Deb x

Chrissy said...

Great site Sue and I have been looking for a template for the springy card for a friend, I had one & had lost it. great blog, its good to see something a bit different :-D

Cass said...

Great blog. Nice to see different card making techniques.I get fed up seeing the same old same old.
Cass xx

Emma said...

What a lovely blog! Really looking forward to seeing more of your work!