Friday, 28 March 2008

Sequins & Bead cards.

This is another of my old tutorials, they arent quick to make but are great for sat watching the tv on an evening.

The pattern is designed to fit on to a 12cm * 16cm piece of card and mounted on to a slightly larger base card. Save and print the pattern, resizing if required. Attach to a piece of card using masking tape and prick all the holes. Thread a beading needle with a long piece of single ply cotton and sew between the holes using the pattern of your choice. Once the sewing is completed you'll need to decide where you want the embellishment. The holes that are underneath or partially underneath the embellishment must not have sequins or beads sewn on or you may have problems attaching the embellishment. Thread the needle with either the same thread or one which matches the beads.

Sew the beads and sequin on to the pattern by bringing the needle up through the card, sequin & bead then sewing back through the sequin then card as per diagram. Stick and trim all loose ends of thread to the back of your work. Stick the work to your base card with either double sided sticky tape or 3d foam pads. Finally stick the embellishment in to place

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