Sunday, 10 July 2016

day 6 daily marker 30 day colouring challenge

Apologies about the quality of the pics.. one flat ipad when I went to take the pics just before sundown.  I wasn't going to post these but I know what I'm like with challenges and if I skip one day I''ll skip loads.

Today was Playday in Bristol and the challenge this month was to take something that you either don't get on with or don't know why you bought it.  Turns out I was the only one that actually did that, the other 18 ladies all brought colouring in stash!!

My don't get on with (I ditched the peeloffs and other sucker buys a long time ago) is my polychromos... 120 of em.  If I'm honest I never really got on with them from the start because they arent quick and I never found torchons I liked.  Didn't help I started collecting copics either at the same time or pretty soon after.  So armed with a selection of cardstock, some doll stamps that I havent touched for a few years off to playday I trotted.  

I managed a whole 3 images and a galaxy background, woohoo.  I will post proper pics of them all tomorrow as there's still a bit more to do to them.  1 Tilda & 1 penny black flowers.  Think I'll use the proper camera tomorrow as the ipad really hated these.

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