Sunday, 22 February 2015

birthday box for 6*6 cards

This isnt finished yet, I've got to add a few embellies to the front and I don't know quite what I want yet.  My printer is refusing to print straight vertical lines so the divider is just a temporary thing just to photo the box.  When I've sorted the printer I'm not going to make file tabs with the envie board, I think I'm going to sandwich diecuts and just overlap the card.  I'm not going to stamp around the edges either.

I'm not going to do a step by step photo guide but here goes with written instructions.  This is bodge job rigid box making at it's easiest, accurate cutting does make life easier but using gummed tape makes it easy to hide a millimeter or 2 ;o)

takes approx 2 a3 sheet of mountboard but you get less waste from using a2

1 base,  7 * 7"
1 front,  6.5" * 4"
3 sides & back,  6.5" * 6.5"  the 2 sides need to be trimmed so the front is only 4" high.

Cheats tip for cutting the sides... Use the 4" strip & use as a drawing line on 2 of the 6.5" squares and mark a border on the bottom & left.

Use a ruler and draw 1/4" around the edges of the 7*7 piece.  This is going to be a guide line of where to tape the pieces.

Break off a length of gummed tape roughly 7" along and fold in half length ways so that the glue side is on the outside (this makes it easier to place & keep the box rigid).  Unfold & wet with a damp sponge, not too wet that water drips off but you need enough to activate the glue.  Fold back again & place on the inside bottom of the back with the fold at the bottom so you can open it back out.  Move the back into position so that the outer edge of the mountboard is running flush to your drawn line and that there is equal distance either end.  Smooth the tape down to the base, trim any excess, I usually cut where it needs to fold & tuck the excess around to the other side.  Repeat this with a side making sure it lines up to the inner part of the lines AND one edge meets the inside edge of the back.  Use the same fold & line up the fold and join the back & side together.  Repeat for the other side.  Now line up the front and tape into place, if you have measured & cut correctly the front will sit flush to the line and the sides will fit snugly to the back edges of the front.  Once you have taped all of the inner joins you need to cover the outer seams.  For around the bottom you will need to fit the fold downwards to the lip and tuck & smooth the excess over to the bottom of the base.  The seams between the sides & the back & front will need to have the tape folded inwards so it's glue against glue before being wet.  If you work with a light behind your box you will be able to see when the fold line is in place and you can smooth around and keep a nice sharp edge.  If you have any slightly jagged cut edges along the top of the box you can hide this by sticking the tape along & over the edge in the same way you've just done for the outer edges.  Allow to dry for at least a couple of hours before painting your box.  Allow the paint to dry properly before adding any paper decoration.

Cut 12 pieces of heavy weight card to 6.25" 6.25" for the dividers.  If you want to add file tabs you might need to cut the cards longer, test on scrap card to check before using best card.  Glue the calendar into place & decorate as required.

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