Monday, 15 September 2014

fab time at Sincerely Yours

I had a really great day yesterday at the Sincerely Yours show in Taunton, bit unusual though.  I normally go down with Jackie, June & Tracy but now my daughter mans the tea & coffee stand there's not really room in one car and to just tip the decision into taking 2 cars our other friend Sher was in need of a lift.  Normally she goes with her daughter but said daughter was leaving on her honeymoon that day and didn't want to take her.. bloomin ungrateful wretch wasn't flying out til 10pm she had plenty of time ;o)  lol.

So decision made I left early with Tiz and sort of pretended to help her set up for a few mins before the goodies were calling my name. 

I had said I wasn't going to buy any more prima dolls but Kitty had these reduced to £4 so it would have been rude not to buy any ;o)

Poor photo but the top stencil is a stylised teasel from Sweet Poppy, Mushroom houses below and one of Sue Wilsons paper bow dies.

These are my absolute favourite buys, Rubbernecker flower stamps and a Willow stamp from Inkylicious.  It shouldn't really look like this and somewhere on the floor at the show is the wrapper....  I didn't pinch it and it wasn't taken out the wrapper because I was pulling that old chestnut.. "I've had it for ages" routine.  But about an hour before I was chatting with Tracey while she was demoing brushos and she needed a loo break so asked if I'd step in for 5 minutes.  Well, she'd been demoing sprinkling brushos directly on to a red rubber leaf stamp, misting then stamping so I took a deep breath and had a go as well.  Must admit every time I stamped I had fingers crossed, metaphorically speaking, because not only was the light not great but I didn't have my specs and couldn't see if I had actually sprinkled any colour on the stamp!  Didn't help that Tracey had forgot the blocks so I was stamping freehand lol.  One of the ladies watching was quite impressed, or at least she gave that impression, and asked if it would work on clear or detailed stamps.  I couldn't see any of either in Traceys demo stash so seeing as I was buying the willow stamp any way thought I'd give it a go and grabbed one off of the stand... nowt like falling flat on your face in a totally untested demo lol.  As it turns out it did work though, it wasn't as impressive as using the chunky leaf stamp and the delicateness wasn't as obvious but it worked and I could breath a sigh of relief lol.

and my last purchases, I seem to be in a seasidey mood lately so added a sheet of indigo blu stamps to my collection and finally bit the bullet and bought the spellbinders tool to help clean the bits left in dies.  I've seen Martine use it loads and am always wishing I'd bought it next time I use fiddly dies so fingers crossed I don't lose it in amongst the chaos that is the playroom.

Fab day, spent with fab friends and fab stash to play with when I get chance, what could be better than that lol.

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kay said...

It was a good day and I know you were totally in your element crafting :-)