Friday, 30 August 2013

a class with Sir Tim

What a day yesterday was, a class with none other than Sir Tim Holtz and some of my best buddies.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, grrr but thanks to Kay for passing on the group photo.

We got to the class all hot and bothered, stupid sat nav took me the wrong side of the dual carriage way and the hotel wasnt signposted at all.  But all that was forgotten once Tim stood up and started the class.  Now I've seen some vitriol in a few places online about the upcoming class, about it all being a money machine, being Tim'd out and the classes being craft by numbers but that's not what we found.  Tim himself was a lovely fella, patient, fun and the class was all about us doing it how we wanted.  Tickets werent cheap at £65 but compared to the prices I've seen for some watercolour classes they were very well priced, specially when we got their and found each of us had a kit crammed with goodies to use.  We  had an action packed 3 1/2hrs of getting inky and playing with markers, stamps, stains, paints and embellies.  Tim was very patient with Sandra who suddenly developed stripes in her blending and had to call him over for a bit of one on one tuition.. yeah right Sandra.. odd how that was timed.. you've been blending inks fine for years lol.  Tim did smile when I tattled on her for shamming ;o)

No way we had time to decorate the pages of the tagbook in class and sadly it was soon time to down tools, pay for shopping and say our cheerios to everyone. 

What would have been a sad few minutes got better when Tim told us all that we could keep everything bar the tools we'd shared.. markers.. stain, ink, paint, embellies.. all ours to take home with the apron we'd been given at the beginning.  Then to add it all Tim gave each of us a signed book and tote bag, talk about being dead chuffed, woohoo. 

Absolutely amazing day with some amazing friends.

If you want to be really jealous of the goodies one of the ladies that attended the class posted on her blog, not sure she photoed it all but judging by her post she had as good a time as us,


kay said...

It was a amazing day Sue and can't believe it was only Thursday,time has flown. Have added more pics to my blog now if you want a peek x

BJ said...

Hi Sue, super blog post, shame you forgot your camera but jolly glad you got that FAB group photo it is wonderful. Great to meet up with you. Looks like you and Kay know Bernice too from your link. BJ