Monday, 23 July 2012

splodgaway update

Not much in the way of oohs and ahhs I've found a new technique, or even that I've put it through its' paces yet :o( Ade's driving license is back so as soon as I've got the house back to rights (I dont do a lot of housework but 7 weeks of doing not much more than just keeping the kitchen useable..) I'll be able to spend the day with ink, cad and mat and see what I come up with.


thought I'd let you all know how a couple of my friends got on playing with mine.

One friend (I love her to bits but she's not a gadget or gizmo addict and up til now thought a toaster bag quite sufficient as an ink mat..), well she isnt the bestest at inking edges but she had a quick go and within seconds had that impressed look on her face and said "sold"! I know I said I didn't think the mat would make anyone go from zero to hero but I have to admit I was secretly eating my words there.

Another of my buddies had a go, I'd say she's pretty much intermediate with inking and I wasn't expecting her to find the mat much better than she's used to but she immediately saw the benefit of having a finer coverage and admitted to occasionally having to go in heavy as a way of hiding pad marks.

Thumbs up from both of them :o)


kay said...

hoping to have a play at the august meet sue,pleased you can stop being chauffer now though,x

Amanda said...

Now I wonder which one of us has a toaster bag lol. I am bout to buy one but can't decide between the 8x8 or 12x12. Hugs, Amanda x