Saturday, 10 April 2010

Not paper this time

While in that large Swedish store I found some plain wooden photo frames that were begging to be tarted up. They're dirt cheap (1.49 for 3) and I thought they'd be fun for when my docraft buddies come over to play.

Seeing as they're coming this Mon I thought it might be best to have a trial run, just in case I had the wrong end of the stick when catching the last 2 mins of a demo on C&C lol.

Sorry for the colours, I had to use the flash then fiddle with the settings in psp otherwise you'd just be looking at a dark mass.

I started by roughly wiping an ink pad (elegant eggplant) over the frame just to give a bit of colour incase I ended up with a clear patch.

Using versamark and some clear utee I triple embossed the frame, not be too worried about a perfect coverage.

Once the clear utee was dry I dabbed the versamark pad small section by section each time using a different colour normal ep. (fab technique as you can use up all your old and horrible powders) Once I had a pretty random colouring I went back over with some cosmic shimmer utee and ep. They arent a truly solid colour when over normal utee so some of the colours from the naff powders came through, which is the effect I was looking for.

Once I was semi happy with the colouring I used the heat tool to melt the top layers before stamping with a clarity flourish and some gold brilliance ink.

The frame's not finished yet, once the girls get here I'll be adding more powders as well as adding some embellies made by pouring liquid utee onto some stamps. So far I'm quite chuffed with how it's looking but we'll see what Mon brings. Either way even if I mess up it can just be melted and more powders added.


Noreen said...

What a fab project this is, definitely going to do more - guess where B wants us to go shopping tomorrow! xx

Judith said...

Great idea Sue,looks good too.