Monday, 28 September 2009

Angie and Sandras Box, base

If I'm taking photos that my fat fingers are going to be in I would normally take the time to make sure my nails were nice and clean, possibly with a bit of polish but I promised Kay I'd do the pictures complete with grubby nails and ink stains. The ink's worn off Kay but the nails are pretty bad ;o)

Anyway enough of that here's the step by step for the box. BTW the papers used are from a pretty old Branda Walton, K&Copad, Dolls House and trimmed down to 6*6.

Again remember your pattern match.

Step 1 fold the paper in half lengthways as you would to make a regular card, open out turn and repeat so you have a nice cross fold line.

Step 2 Bring the sides in to meet the middle as you would for a gatefold card, fold and open.
Step 3 You have a choice now of easy or tricky. Easy is folding the paper diagonally bottom left to top right corner and unfolding. I've shown the trickier version, fold diagonally but only crease from the bottom to the mid point before unfolding.

Step 4 Bring the bottom left corner to the middle and fold. This corner does not have a crease on the diagonal. Do not open back out.

Step 4 Bring the top 1/4 down to the middle and fold. The score line will already be there.

Hold the top fold and the diagonal fold with your left hand and with your right gently pull the bottom right corner down and underneath towards the left.

You will now have a completed corner.

Once you have the 4 corners made again carefully tuck one inside the other but only by a small amount and gently turn the box upside down

If you can see any points you need to tuck these to the inside.

Once all the points are tucked in gently pat each of the corners into each other until you have a tight fit.

Flip the box over and gently ease down the triangular flaps.

The box is finished now bar any decoration you want to add.
My next post will be making the framey card which will fit inside. I havent started it yet so it won't be until this evening. If you're in a rush there is a very basic step by step in my gallery at docrafts.

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kay said...

you make it look so easy,love those papers,didnt think about matching the pattern,oh god something else to worry